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CoReUse™ is an enterprise class design reuse infrastructure from NXP Semiconductors that provides a proven framework for companies to develop and use semiconductor intellectual property. Developed and used at NXP over the last 10 years, CoReUse represents not only the industry’s leading example of IP reuse at work, but is a living and practical methodology that can adapt to changing technologies, standards, and EDA flows.

An integral part of the CoReUse offering is QCore, a tool that is used for checking an IP’s compliance with the CoReUse standard. QCore is licensed under a standard per-seat EDA licensing model. For information about licensing QCore, please email us at info@ip-extreme.com.

The basic architecture of the use of QCore is shown below.

figure 1

The QCore tool itself sits atop your existing EDA flow and is used to test your IP for compliance to the CoReUse standard, allowing users to specify the level of compliance to check.

figure 2

At the completion of checks, a report is generated that summarizes the results of the analysis.

figure 3

Finally, certificates are produced for the IP indicating the level of CoReUse compliance the IP has achieved.

figure 4