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IPextreme IP Commercialization Program

Large semiconductor companies increasingly see the strategic value of an external Intellectual Property (IP) strategy that encourages their silicon business. These companies understand how IP will raise their silicon revenues by:

  • Retaining customers who are integrating the function previously in their separate chip
  • Establishing new interface standards such as FlexRay
  • Satisfying the customers of older product lines by offering compatible IP replacement
  • Motivating the software and tool ecosystem that supports processors and DSPs, etc.

However, IP licensing is not a core competency of many semiconductor companies, nor do they want to take on the support burden, so these companies engage with IPextreme to package, sell and support their reusable designs. With a decade of experience in developing, packaging, licensing and supporting IP, our team offers a complete business solution for semiconductor companies to strategically leverage their internal IP portfolio to grow overall revenue.

IPextreme has mastered the rare skill of converting a non-reusable circuit designed for internal purposes into commercially viable, reusable IP that other companies want to license. In addition, we have developed patent-pending technology for packaging that IP in a format that enables the design to be easily implemented in what ever design and fabrication processes the customer uses. The parties involved in a transaction benefit from IPextreme being a neutral 3rd party, like Switzerland, to facilitate a safe and uncontaminated transfer of valuable intellectual property.

If you are a semiconductor company interested in having IPextreme help get your captive IP to market, please contact us.