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Freescale Semiconductor, the world leader in 32-bit controllers and automotive semiconductors, has partnered with IPextreme to bring the Power Architecture® e200 Core Family and the popular ColdFire processors, Nexus 5001 software debug interface and the world's first silicon-proven FlexRay implementation to market as IP.

Infineon is a founding member of the IP Commercialization Partner Program, joining with IPextreme to bring two of its popular microcontroller products, the C166S and Tricore, to the market in IP form. We also offer Infineon's MultiCAN Interface, an industry standard network protocol for automotive applications.

Cambridge Consultants has joined the IP Commercialization Partner Program, working with IPextreme to bring its leading Bluetooth software to customers developing embedded Bluetooth products.

National Semiconductor has partnered with IPextreme to sell and support a broad selection of its proven IP. The initial offering shall include an extensive collection of commonly needed AMBA™ 2.0 peripherals and the well-established CompactRISC® CR16 processor.

NXP Semiconductors has partnered with IPextreme to make available NXP’s CoReUse methodology to the industry. NXP has long been a thought leader in driving higher productivity in the semiconductor industry by pioneering advances in IP-based design and is an active participant in industry-wide IP standardization initiatives.

Texas Instruments is a co-author of the IEEE Std. 1149.7-2009 (otherwise known as Compact JTAG or cJTAG) and one of the first companies to feature Compact JTAG in its devices. Compact JTAG extends traditional IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) to support additional features, supporting both boundary and application-specific debug over just two pins. IPextreme has worked closely with Texas Instruments to productize its Compact JTAG IP and make it available to chip designers worldwide.

Mentor Graphics has partnered with IPextreme to distribute its M8051W/M8051EW synthesizable 2-cycle, 8051-compatible, 8-bit microcontroller. Used in well over 100 production designs, the M8051W/M8051EW is the industry standard synthesizable 8051 processor core. The M8051W/M8051EW is configurable to match either the M8051W or M8051EW product formerly distributed by Mentor Graphics.