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Certus Semiconductor
20395 E. Camina Plata
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Stephen Fairbanks
(602) 524-6490

Certus is seeking to offer customers a new approach to IO design. In addition to the standard off-the-shelf ESD and IO libraries found in most foundries and IP companies, Certus, working with SRF Technologies, LLC., QPX Europe and Freescale, is offering both a flexible “Template” technology as well as “Novel Custom IO and Template” designs.

These “Templates” provide companies the opportunity to create their own IO designs while ensuring that the ESD and power bussing will meet required ESD standards, such as HBM, MM, and CDM, as the Templates provide for them silicon proven and/or simulation based and validated ESD solutions, even though the IO design is custom. This Template technology also allows Certus to create fully custom IO libraries in an amazingly short amount of time.

The benefit of these custom IO libraries is that the ESD design, being simulated with silicon validated ESD models and selecting from a wide variety of proprietary ESD design approaches, will be smaller in area and more efficient in both power and performance for a given product or application than what is possible with a generic standard IO Library or standard IO IP or foundry provided libraries. Certus has full IO and ESD solutions in a variety of processes including 180nm, 130nm, 90nm, 65nm, and 45nm processes.

These solutions are Si-proven in hundreds of products and in a variety of foundries world-wide including TSMC, Global-Chartered and Tower-Jazz.