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Industry Associations

The Bluetooth SIG exists to develop, publish and promote the preferred short-range wireless specification for connecting mobile products, and to administer a qualification program that fosters interoperability for a positive user experience. IPextreme is a member because of our line of Bluetooth IP products.

The SPIRIT Consortium is an association of leading companies from the EDA, IP, system and semiconductor industries that are developing industry standards that will enable easier integration of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and IP tools.

Power.org's mission is to develop, enable and promote Power Architecture® technology as the preferred open standard hardware development platform for the electronics industry and to administer qualification programs that optimize interoperability and accelerate innovation for a positive user experience. The Freescale industry leading Power Architecture® e200 Core family is available for license through IPextreme.

The Nexus 5001™ Forum has specified a standard interface for the software development and debug of embedded processors. The standard is open for anyone to adopt and implement, but designers wishing to avoid the risk, expense and delay of developing compliant debug interfaces from scratch can now buy the already proven Freescale Nexus 5001 implementations through IPextreme.