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IPextreme® Takes Semiconductor IP to New Heights at DAC 2015 in San Francisco

IPextreme and Constellations partners band together in IP community and support IP-related programming at the 52nd Design Automation Conference in San Francisco, California

Campbell, Calif. – April 23, 2015 – IPextreme Inc. today announced extensive involvement in the 52nd annual Design Automation Conference (DAC), which will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California from June 7 – 11, 2015. The company and its Constellations™ constituents will participate to an unprecedented level in support of DAC’s continuing initiative to broaden the traditionally EDA-centric conference’s focus to include a greater emphasis on semiconductor intellectual property (IP).

“We look forward to seeing our customers and partners at DAC this year,” said Warren Savage, President and CEO, IPextreme. “With more IP providers and content than ever before, it is a great opportunity for everyone to take a fresh look at DAC. We saw an enthusiastic response to the new IP-centric programming last year and are pleased to continue supporting it.”

“Last year’s new focus on IP at DAC was a tremendous success, and the outlook for this year is equally rosy,” said McKenzie Mortensen, Director of Marketing, IPextreme. “I am honored to be serving again as DAC IP Technical Programming Committee Co-Chair. IP-related submissions have increased dramatically in both volume and quality this year; as a committee, we were truly spoiled for choice when it came to making our selections. Customers rely on both EDA and IP companies to bring their products to market—it is only logical to modify DAC to offer a more well-rounded body of content so that the conference mirrors the landscape of the industry.”

At a Glance: IPextreme at DAC

  • Enterprise-Level IP Management for the DAC Semiconductor Professional
    • Joint presentation with Atrenta
    • If you work at a semiconductor company and deal with IP, you’ll want to attend this extended workshop that will provide the audience with awareness of various best practices used across the semiconductor industry, recognizing that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach and that each company needs to develop methodologies and processes that are tuned to their organization's unique needs.
    • Sunday, June 7, 2014, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Moscone Center South, Room 308
    • Special registration required—please select Workshop Session 8W
    • Details: http://www2.dac.com/events/eventdetails.aspx?id=182-8-W
  • Constellations IP Community: Booth # 3501
    • The first ever IP community on the DAC exhibit floor returns for its second year
    • Exhibiting: IPextreme and Constellations partners Adapt-IP, Certus Semiconductor, Methods2Business, Sonics, and UltraSoC
    • Technical presentations and demos:
      • Adapt-IP: See what the pioneers in bringing High Level Synthesis enabled IP solutions to the market are up to this year.
      • Certus Semiconductor: Speak with one of our experts to learn more about ESD and how custom IO design can set your products apart from the competition.
      • IPextreme: Learn about our extensive collection of production-proven IP products and how to manage your own IP with our industry-leading Xena™ IP management system.
      • Methods2Business: Don’t miss the opportunity to see a demo of our new 802.11ah MAC IP for IoT.
      • Sonics: See our latest demonstration of SonicsStudio Director SoC development environment as well as the newest IP integration capabilities and benefits of our SonicsGN on-chip network.
      • UltraSoC: New to the booth this year! “This is our first time to exhibit at DAC, and we are very pleased to be participating in the Constellations IP Community,” said CEO Rupert Baines. “This is a marvellous opportunity to show our world-beating technology for debug forensics alongside many of the most exciting companies in the industry.”
      • While you’re on the show floor, don’t miss Constellations partner Atrenta in booth #1732. Atrenta will be showing how they have expanded the scope of the SpyGlass® platform to address key SoC challenges of scale, complexity and advanced process nodes.
    • DAC exhibits are open to all conference registration levels, including I Love DAC
  • IP Track Presentations for IPextreme and Constellations Partners
    • “Taking Advantage of the Dark Silicon Opportunity” Drew Wingard, Sonics
      • Presented as part of IP Track Session 4: IP Implementation
      • Monday, June 8, 2015, 10:30 to 11:30 AM, Moscone Center South, Room 101
      • Special registration required—please select “Designer Special” or similar
      • Details: http://www2.dac.com/events/eventdetails.aspx?id=190-1
    • “The Ultimate Usage of SystemC to Build the HW & SW for Upcoming ULP Wi-Fi IP Solutions,” Daniel Kesler, Methods2Business
      • Presented as part of IP Track Session 4: IP Implementation
      • Monday, June 8, 2015, 1:30 to 2:30 PM, Moscone Center South, Room 101
      • Special registration required—please select “Designer Special” or similar
      • Details: http://www2.dac.com/events/eventdetails.aspx?id=190-4
    • “IoT Processor IP Platform,” Kands Manickam, IPextreme
      • Presented as part of IP Track Session 7: Subsystem IP & IP Integration
      • Monday, June 8, 2015, 4:30 to 5:30 PM, Moscone Center South, Room 101
      • Special registration required—please select “Designer Special” or similar
      • Details: http://www2.dac.com/events/eventdetails.aspx?id=190-7
    • “What’s in Your IP Wallet?” Warren Savage, IPextreme
      • Presented as part of IP Track Session 23: IP Strategies & Management
      • Tuesday, June 9, 2014, 1:30 to 2:30 PM, Moscone Center South, Room 101
      • Special registration required—please select “Designer Special” or similar
      • Details: http://www2.dac.com/events/eventdetails.aspx?id=190-23

We look forward to seeing you at 52nd DAC in San Francisco!

About IPextreme, Inc.

Founded in 2004, IPextreme is a privately held company providing an array of innovative business and technical solutions focused around the licensing of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) within the global electronics market. Working with the largest semiconductor companies in the world, including Freescale, Infineon, Intel, NXP, National Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments, IPextreme unlocks the value of captive intellectual property assets and then licenses that IP to other companies. IPextreme’s cloud-based Xena™ software provides semiconductor and IP companies with enterprise-level management of their entire IP portfolios and operations. In 2010, IPextreme created Constellations™, a collective of independent IP companies and industry partners working together at both the marketing and engineering levels to develop and promote advanced IP solutions to common customers.

IPextreme has over 100 customers in more than twenty countries. Offices are located in Campbell, California; Munich, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan, with representatives in Europe, China, India, Israel, Korea, and Taiwan.