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Growth of Constellations™ Program Continues as IPextreme® Welcomes Adapt-IP

Cutting-edge design, production, and verification methods enrich the Constellations catalog of offerings

Campbell, Calif. – Jun 3, 2013 – IPextreme, Inc. today welcomed Adapt-IP as the newest member of its Constellations initiative, which brings together like-minded companies to advance the state of the global semiconductor intellectual property (IP) ecosystem. Adapt-IP marks the fourth new addition this year to the rapidly expanding Constellations program. The agile company brings to the market a fresh approach to the way IP is designed, leveraging the latest system-level methods to bring products to market faster. Adapt-IP’s products have the added attraction of being more optimized for the user’s end application than those developed with traditional approaches.

“We are a totally new kind of chip design company—founded to employ the most modern methods to design, verify, and produce integrated circuit components (known as ‘IP’), the drivers to operate them, and the system models to simulate them in virtual platforms,” said Michael McNamara, CEO of Adapt-IP.

“Using system-level tools for IP creation has long been heralded as the future of semiconductor design,” said Warren Savage, President & CEO, IPextreme. “It’s remarkable to see this vision become a reality and to witness what sophisticated designs can be brought to market so efficiently by Adapt-IP.”

McNamara and Savage recently sat down together to discuss the semiconductor ecosystem, industry trends, and the future of Adapt-IP. This episode of “Take Five with Warren,” is available for viewing on IPextreme’s IP WATCH channel on YouTube.

About Constellations
“Cooperate. Collaborate. Win.”

Constellations is a collective of independent IP companies and industry partners working together at both the marketing and engineering levels to develop and promote advanced IP solutions. IPextreme initiated Constellations in 2010 and is the driving force behind the collective, serving as program organizer and facilitator. Constellations member companies currently include: Adapt-IP; Atrenta Inc.; Certus Semiconductor; IPextreme, Inc.; Recore Systems; Ridgetop Group Inc.; and Sonics, Inc.

Companies participating in Constellations offer complementary products, creating a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor IP from which customers can develop complete SoC solutions. The program is open only to non-competing companies to encourage teamwork and cooperation—member companies work together, share resources to promote mutual success, and participate in collective events.

Products of Constellations companies are featured in the Constellations Semiconductor IP Center, powered by IPextreme’s Xena™ IP management system. The IP Center enables members to easily catalog, distribute, and support their products. Each member company is given a private area on the Xena cloud with full access to all capabilities of Xena. The IP Center also provides a convenient method for member companies and their customers to recommend IP products from other member companies to colleagues and other customers. Registered guests can browse all available IP and services in the Constellations Semiconductor IP Center for free at https://constellations.xena-cloud.com.

Constellations Membership and Pricing
The Constellations program continues to expand and grow, and enrollment is currently open. Annual membership in the Constellations program is $5,000. Included with this fee are two full Xena user licenses. Additional Xena licenses are available to Constellations members at a 50% discount.

For more information and details on becoming a part of this groundbreaking initiative, visit http://www.ip-extreme.com/partners/constellations.shtml.

About IPextreme, Inc.
IPextreme is an industry leader in the commercialization and licensing of semiconductor IP (intellectual property). Working with other leading companies in the semiconductor industry, such as Freescale, Infineon, Motorola, National Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments, IPextreme provides a rich portfolio of famous IP to hundreds of SoC designers worldwide. IPextreme also licenses its proprietary Xena cloud-based technology to other IP and semiconductor companies, providing a secure environment for the marketing, evaluation, licensing, management, and support of their IP portfolios.

Founded in 2004, IPextreme has over 100 customers in more than 20 countries. Offices are located in Campbell, California; Munich, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan, with representatives in China, India, Israel, Korea, and Taiwan.

To learn more, please visit www.ip-extreme.com.

About Adapt-IP
Adapt-IP is an industry leader in employing System Level design and verification methods to develop complex, robust and standards-compliant IP for ASIC and FPGA silicon. Standard product offerings include USB SuperSpeed and HighSpeed (USB3.0 and USB2.0) host, embedded host and device controllers, as well as video compression and decompression cores.

For additional information, please visit http://www.adapt-ip.com/index.html.