IPextreme Wins eg3 Editors’ Tech Choice Award for Winter 2008-09

Cited for 8051-compatible microprocessor cores

Silicon Valley, CA – March 27, 2009 -- IPextreme, Inc., the company bringing famous IP (intellectual property) to system-on-chip designers worldwide, has won the eg3 Editors’ Tech Choice Award for Winter 2008-09 for its 8051-compatible cores. The M8051 lineup consists of four cores, announced on January 13, 2009:

  • M8051W is a high performance, 2-cycle implementation of the 8051 architecture
  • M8051EW is a debug-enhanced version of the M8051W
  • M8051 is the classic 12-cycle implementation the 8051 architecture
  • M8052 is an enhanced variant of the M8051 with more memory and a 3rd timer

The Editors’ Choice Award from eg3 is a half-yearly award recognizing “the best of the best” products that editors consider to be deployable, with a broad range of applicability, and practical (i.e., products that are easy for designers to learn about and use). An eg3 podcast interview with Rick Tomihiro of IPextreme, available at http://www.eg3.com/etc-awards/20090210-ipextreme.htm, discusses practical IP for embedded systems, the 8051 cores, and IPextreme’s novel business model of taking tried-and-true IP from big semiconductor companies and working with these partners to repackage their IP with additional services and skillsets to make it both easy to use and reliable.

“Our editorial staff singles out exciting and practical new products from a combination of 1,200 new product announcements and access to those announcements from 43,000 subscribers worldwide,” said Jason McDonald, senior editor, eg3.com. “The 8051 is one of the world’s most successful microprocessor architectures, and that, coupled with IPextreme’s deep experience in the IP business and their ability to continue to make this product available, made it a winner.”

Rick Tomihiro, vice president of marketing at IPextreme, said, “We are honored to have the 8051-compatible cores recognized as one of the best new products in semiconductor IP. Our customers have been pleased to have this mature, silicon-proven 8051 product available in a synthesizable, EDA-neutral format with the packaging, licensing and support they have come to expect from IPextreme.”

About IPextreme Inc.
IPextreme licenses famous semiconductor IP (intellectual property) and methodologies developed by large semiconductor companies to chip designers worldwide. These production-proven IP products serve both broad horizontal markets and specific verticals such as consumer and automotive, and are provided in a process-independent and EDA-neutral format for easy use by the widest range of customers. With a decade of experience in developing, packaging, licensing and supporting IP, IPextreme offers a complete business solution that allows semiconductor companies to strategically leverage their internal IP portfolio and expand overall revenue. The company has offices in Campbell, California; Munich, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan with representatives in China, India, Israel, Korea and Taiwan. For additional information, please visit www.ip-extreme.com.


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