IPextreme to Sell and Support IP Portfolio from National Semiconductor including AMBA Peripheral Library and CR16 Processor

Campbell, California, February 20, 2007 – IPextreme® Inc., a semiconductor technology licensing company, and National Semiconductor Corporation have signed a frame agreement for IPextreme to sell and support a broad selection of proven semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) through IPextreme's IP Commercialization Program. The initial offering shall include an extensive collection of commonly needed AMBAT 2.0 peripherals and the well-established CompactRISC® CR16 processor.

The AMBA peripherals will be packaged as a library that includes useful functions such as: DMA, memory and interrupt controllers, AHB-APB bridge, I2C, US/ART, GPIO, CAN, Microwire/SPI, advanced timers, and smart card and audio interfaces. The AMBA on-chip bus specification was created by ARM and version 2.0 has become a de-facto standard for system-chip developers because it is well documented and can be used without royalties. The peripherals in the library are well proven in many National Semiconductor devices and are compatible with the CR16 and other AMBA-compliant processors.

National Semiconductor's CompactRISC architecture was specifically designed for embedded systems and delivers excellent code density, low power consumption and small die area with the ability to tightly integrate on-chip acceleration, I/O and memory functions. The CompactRISC architecture has firmly established itself by filling a previously unmet need - those applications that require significant embedded performance, but cannot afford the size and cost overhead of full 32-bit RISC implementations. The architecture is enhanced with valuable controller features, like a variable length instruction set and direct bit manipulation to make it even more effective for embedded applications.

The 16-bit implementation of the CompactRISC architecture is the CR16 and it has been proven in many National Semiconductor standard parts, such as their recent CP3000 communications processor family, which have proven valuable in a broad range of high- volume consumer communications applications. Other volume applications for the CR16 include automotive airbag, infotainment and lighting systems; Bluetooth® and DECT wireless communication; and personal computer peripherals and I/O.

"IPextreme has proven successful bringing semiconductor technology to market as IP," commented Pat Sullivan, Product Line Director, Device Connectivity Division, National Semiconductor. "Customers have been asking to integrate the CR16 core for certain high-volume applications, and now through IPextreme they can license, take delivery and be supported with a fully compatible processor core."

Warren Savage, IPextreme CEO added, "National has a useful and proven peripheral library and the CR16 strikes an elegant balance between functionality and cost. We look forward to making such proven technology from such an established semiconductor brand as National Semiconductor available through our IP commercialization program."

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IPextreme brings high-value intellectual property (IP) from large semiconductor companies to consumer and automotive System-on-Chip (SOC) designers worldwide. These products are silicon proven to minimize design risk and provided in a process independent and EDA neutral format, for easy use by the broadest range of customers. With a decade of experience in developing, packaging, licensing and supporting IP, our team offers a complete business solution for semiconductor companies to strategically leverage their internal IP portfolio to grow overall revenue. IPextreme has offices in Campbell, California, Munich, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. www.ip-extreme.com.

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