DECOMSYS Licenses FlexRay IP Proven in Freescale MFR4300 Chip from IPextreme

Campbell, USA, and Vienna, Austria – November 30, 2006. DECOMSYS, the leading FlexRay solution provider, has acquired a license to use the FlexRay semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) implemented in the Freescale MFR4300 device from IPextreme Inc., a semiconductor technology licensing company. DECOMSYS will use this FlexRay IP in its monitoring solutions, such as BUSDOCTOR 2, as well as in its hardware.

DECOMSYS will be using the same implementation of the FRCC2100 FlexRay IP as used in the Freescale MFR4300 FlexRay communications controller. The FRCC2100 was designed by Freescale and is sold and supported by IPextreme. It is silicon proven in several other Freescale devices including the MC9S12XFR128 16-bit S12 controller and the MPC55xx Power Architecture controllers. The protocol engine from the FRCC2100 is also used in the SJA2510 ARM9 controller from NXP (formerly Philips) Semiconductors. The 2007 BMW X5 is the first vehicle to utilize a FlexRay network, which is based on this same Freescale technology.

FlexRay is the upcoming in-vehicle network standard, offering the speed, reliability and deterministic behavior demanded by safety critical and drive-by-wire applications. With two 10 Mbits/s channels and flexible configuration options, FlexRay will enable carmakers and system suppliers to develop entirely new and innovative system concepts for future vehicles, often in combination with existing in-vehicle networks CAN, LIN, and MOST.

As a FlexRay and AUTOSAR specialist, DECOMSYS offers the leading design tools, basic software, monitoring solutions, and prototyping hardware. The acquisition of the FlexRay MFR4300 implementation from IPextreme enables DECOMSYS to replace the MFR4200 that it had been using. MFR4300 support will be introduced in the new monitoring solution DECOMSYS::BUSDOCTOR 2.

The FRCC2100 provides system designers with the advanced networking features defined by the FlexRay Consortium, including those that enable robust networking solutions. It features a FlexRay v2.1 protocol implementation with selectable single or dual channel support; 128 message buffers in this implementation, each with a payload up to 254 bytes of data, and two configurable receive first-in first-out (FIFO) message buffers. Devices based on the FRCC2100 IP such as the MFR4300 are ideal for chassis control, body electronics, and powertrain applications where increased functionality and on-board diagnostics are required.

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DECOMSYS – Your FlexRay and AUTOSAR Partner - is the leading solutions provider for FlexRay, the coming communication standard for automotive electronics, and AUTOSAR. FlexRay enables new features and applications for more safety, economy, fun, and comfort in the car. Engineers at OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the world use DECOMSYS design tools, basic software, monitoring solutions, and prototyping hardware. They also count on the comprehensive services, e.g. engineering, trainings, chip design, testing, and customized software development. As an active member of both the FlexRay Consortium and AUTOSAR, DECOMSYS is especially proud to be a basic software provider for the first FlexRay series projects. eadquartered in Vienna, Austria, DECOMSYS has a subsidiary in Germany, in the USA, and in Japan.

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