IPextreme World 2007 IP Conference in Hsinchu, Taiwan

HSINCHU, Taiwan – November 28, 2007 – IPextreme® Inc., the company bringing famous IP to system-on-chip designers worldwide, today announced their annual intellectual property (IP) conference entitled “IP Fuels the Semiconductor Industry,” which will take place this year in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

What: The conference features semiconductor IP presentations from IPextreme and world-renowned pioneers in the semiconductor industry Freescale, Infineon, NXP Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments. ChipEstimate will demonstrate their software for planning chips with high IP content.

Who should attend: Executives and technologists from semiconductor companies who wish to hear a global perspective on the business and technical aspects of IP use in the semiconductor industry.

Where and when: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at the Ambassador Hotel in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
The conference will take place from 9:30 – 5:40 and technology demonstrations will also be featured.

For more information and registration: http://www.maojet.com.tw/Events/index.asp?Page=1

Featured Presentations:

A Global Semiconductor Economy Requires Transaction of IP for its Health
Mr.Warren Savage, IPextreme

Coldfire Embedded Microprocessors Offering Trusted and Affordable Alternatives for Modern Design
Mr. Jeff Bock , Freescale Semiconductor

A Preview of the Coming IEEE 1149.7 CJTAG Standard
Mr. Stephen Lau , Texas Instruments

Proven Automotive IP for Taiwan's Emerging Automotive Semiconductor Market
Mr. Ching Yen Shih , Infineon

Low Power Solutions Based on the CoolFlux DSP
Mr. Skip Canevit, NXP (Formerly Philips) Semiconductor

Chip Planning at ChipEstimate.com
 – Ms.Casey Jones, ChipEstimate

Famous IP Now Available for Your Next SoC
Mr. Jerry Ardizzone, IPextreme

About IPextreme Inc.
IPextreme brings high-value intellectual property (IP) from large semiconductor companies to consumer and automotive system-on-chip (SOC) designers worldwide. These products are silicon proven to minimize design risk and provided in a process-independent and EDA-neutral format for easy use by the broadest range of customers. With a decade of experience in developing, packaging, licensing and supporting IP, our team offers a complete business solution for semiconductor companies to strategically leverage their internal IP portfolio to grow overall revenue. IPextreme has offices in Campbell, California, Munich, Germany and Tokyo, Japan with representatives in India, Israel, Korea and Taiwan. www.ip-extreme.com .

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