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News Releases


June 28, 2016
Silvaco expands automotive IP portfolio with release of CAN FD core

June 3, 2016
Silvaco Enters IP Market With Acquisition of IPextreme

May 3, 2016
Fun on Tap at DAC 2016: Stars of IP Party Returns to Austin

January 13, 2016
Core Store IP supplier membership triples in first three months

January 7, 2016
IPextreme’s Industry Collective Goes Global as Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corp Joins Constellations™


November 17, 2015
IPextreme Joins Forces With NXP to Bring Silicon Proven USB Technology to Market

October 20, 2015
Silvaco and IPextreme Expand Customer Reach Through Semiconductor IP Partnership

October 13, 2015
IPextreme Announces Breakthrough in Semiconductor IP Management and Compliance

October 6, 2015
Wine Pairs with Semiconductor IP at Constellations’ Fourth Annual Silicon Valley IP Users Conference

June 2, 2015
Growth of IP Industry Collective Continues as SoC Solutions Joins IPextreme’s Constellations™

May 28, 2015
Stars of IP Party Shines at DAC 2015 in San Francisco

April 23, 2015
IPextreme® Takes Semiconductor IP to New Heights at DAC 2015 in San Francisco

March 26, 2015
Growth of Constellations™ Continues: IPextreme® Welcomes UltraSoC as Newest Star


September 18, 2014
Constellations™ will “Unlock the Mystery of IP” at Silicon Valley IP Users Conference

May 20, 2014
IPextreme Welcomes Truechip to Constellations

May 15, 2014
IPextreme Welcomes Methods2Business to Constellations, Helps Company Plant Flag in the Semiconductor IP Market

May 14, 2014
IP Workshop at 51st DAC: "Driving Quality to the Desktop of the DAC Engineer"

May 13, 2014
IPextreme Leverages New DAC 2014 Focus on IP

May 7, 2014
Stars of IP Party Expands for DAC 2014 in San Francisco


October 16, 2013
IPextreme® Extends Reach Through Mentor Graphics®

October 16, 2013
IPextreme® Brings New ColdFire® V1 Platform to Market

October 10, 2013
Constellations™ Organizes New Technical Track at Semico IMPACT Conference: Focus on the IP Ecosystem

June 3, 2013
Growth of Constellations™ Program Continues as IPextreme® Welcomes Adapt-IP

April 30, 2013
IPextreme® Welcomes Ridgetop Group, Inc. to Constellations™

April 23, 2013
IPextreme and Stars of IP to Party Together at DAC 2013

April 15, 2013
IP Workshop at DAC: "Driving Quality to the Desktop of the DAC Engineer"

February 20, 2013
HIMA Licenses ColdFire® V4 Technology from IPextreme

February 14, 2013
Constellations™ Educational Webinar Series Brings Together Leading Companies to Inform Customers

January 30, 2013
Recore Systems® Joins Constellations™ Program, Adds DSP IP to Constellations Semiconductor IP Center

January 9, 2013
IPextreme® Announces Atrenta® as First EDA Company to Join Constellations™


October 30, 2012
Xena™ by IPextreme® to Power GSA Capital-Lite Resource Portal

September 10, 2012
IPextreme® Announces Silicon Valley IP Users Conference

April 24, 2012
IPextreme® Taps IP Leaders for Constellations™

February 3, 2012
IPextreme’s Warren Savage to speak at GSA IP Summit


December 6, 2011
Complete Platform for Semiconductor IP Operations Comes to the Cloud

October 3, 2011
ColdFire® architecture continues to blaze new territory in processor licensing models


September 16, 2010
Freescale and IPextreme expand licensing of ColdFire cores

August 24, 2010
Certus Semiconductor Joins IPextreme’s Constellations Program

May 20, 2010
IPextreme to Provide ColdFire IP Cores to Tabula Customers as Standard 32-Bit Processor for Tabula ABAX 3PLDs

February 10, 2010
IPextreme and Globetech Solutions Announce Availability of Industry’s First Complete IEEE 1149.7 cJTAG IP Solution

February 10, 2010
IPextreme and Lauterbach Announce Interoperability of Lauterbach’s Trace32 Debug System and IPextreme’s IEEE 1149.7 cJTAG Semiconductor IP


December 8, 2009
IPextreme Teams Up with Infineon To Bring Complete Bluetooth IP Solution to Market

December 1, 2009
Novelics, Chips & Media, and Posedge Join IPextreme Constellations

September 15, 2009
IPextreme® Announces Partnership with Toppan Printing to Provide Easy Access to Freescale and National Semiconductor Microprocessor IP

August 31, 2009
GSA Appoints Industry Veteran as IP Interest Group Chairman: Warren Savage to Assume Immediate Responsibilities

June 15, 2009
eASIC and IPextreme® Announce Freescale ColdFire® Processors for Nextreme NEW ASICS

June 11, 2009
Sonics Joins IPextreme's Constellations Program

May 19, 2009
IPextreme Awarded "Red Herring 100 North America"

May 8, 2009
IPextreme Selected as Finalist for Red Herring 100 North America 2009

April 24, 2009
IPextreme CEO Warren Savage on Panel Discussing How to Achieve Maximum Value from IP Assets

March 27, 2009
IPextreme Wins eg3 Editors’ Tech Choice Award for Winter 2008-09

March 17, 2009
IPextreme Levels the Playing Field with Constellations™ Program

January 29, 2009
IPextreme Releases CoReUse Improvements for 2009

January 21, 2009
IPextreme Celebrates First Anniversary of Core Store

January 14, 2009
CoReUse Named as Finalist for 2009 DesignVision Award for Semiconductor IP

January 13, 2009
IPextreme Teams with Mentor Graphics on 8051 Cores

January 9, 2009
IPextreme to Give Tutorial on Industry’s First IP-based Design Methodology at DesignCon 2009


December 19, 2008
IP Cores from IPextreme Support Mentor Graphics’ Precision® Synthesis FPGA Tool

December 10, 2008
IPextreme announces availability of Freescale HCS08 microprocessor IP Core

November 20, 2008
Teridian Semiconductor Licenses ColdFire Architecture from IPextreme

October 21, 2008
IPextreme Delivers Free ColdFire Processor for Altera Cyclone III FPGA

September 18, 2008
IPextreme Provides Solarflare Additional Licenses of Infineon C166SV1 Microcontroller IP

September 2, 2008
IPextreme Announces Availability of Market's First IEEE 1149.7 cJTAG Semiconductor IP Core

June 9, 2008
IPextreme Brings ColdFire Architecture to the Masses

June 6, 2008
IPextreme Names Rick Tomihiro as Vice President of Marketing

May 27, 2008
IPextreme Adds New Representative in China: S2C

May 21, 2008
IP Square Licenses ColdFire Architecture

May 15, 2008
Pantel and IPextreme to Develop Reliable 911 Emergency Dispatch for VOIP Phone Users

May 7, 2008
IPextreme named "Cool Vendor" in Semiconductors by Leading Analyst Firm

April 29, 2008
ASPEED Technology Purchases IP from IPextreme Core Store™

April 2, 2008
NXP Semiconductors and IPextreme Launch Ground-breaking Methodology for Semiconductor IP Design

January 21, 2008
Freescale unleashes entry-level ColdFire® core for mass market

January 21, 2008
IPextreme Breaks New Ground with Core StoreT

January 17, 2008
IPextreme Appoints Kazuhiro Ogawa as President, IPextreme Japan


December 3, 2007
Motorola Taps IPextreme to Bring Advanced Semiconductor Technology to Market

November 28 , 2007
IPextreme World 2007 IP Conference in Hsinchu, Taiwan

September 20 , 2007
IPextreme CEO, Warren Savage, Speaking on Expert Panel Covering Next-Generation Microprocessors and Cores at the Power.org World Premier Power Architecture Developer Conference

September 12, 2007
IPextreme Aligns with Infineon to Open and Promote Valuable MLI and MSC Interface Standards Specifications

August 9, 2007
IPextreme Expands Global Presence with Three New Representatives: Maojet in Taiwan; Progate in Korea; and Sital in Israel

June 19, 2007
IPextreme CEO, Warren Savage, to Speak on Expert Panel at Freescale Technology Forum

May 18, 2007
Web Seminar of e200 Cores Built on Power Architecture Technology Set for May 24

April 2, 2007
Freescale opens licensing of Power Architecture™ e200 core family through IPextreme
Japan Flag

February 28, 2007
IPextreme and Freescale Webinar on ColdFire IP:Easy Processor Integration for Low Cost Consumer SOC

February 20, 2007
IPextreme to Sell and Support IP Portfolio from National Semiconductor including AMBA Peripheral Library and CR16 Processor


December 11, 2006
IPextreme Expands Automotive Portfolio with Infineon IP

November 30, 2006
DECOMSYS Licenses FlexRay IP Proven in Freescale MFR4300 Chipfrom IPextreme

November 20, 2006
IPextreme to Accelerate Broad Adoption of Nexus 5001 Debug Standard by Making Freescale Interface Blocks Widely Available

November 14, 2006
Freescale opens licensing of ColdFire® microcontroller architecture to embedded customers

German Flag Italian Flag

November 8, 2006
IPextreme to Sell Cypress Semiconductor’s USB 2.0 Low-Power Hub IP

November 7, 2006
IPextreme, the Leading Automotive and Consumer IP Source, Will Conduct Talks, Demos at IP-SoC 2006

October 16, 2006
IPextreme World 2006 Conference in Tokyo, Japan

July 12, 2006
IPextreme to Conduct IP Demos, Talks at DAC

June 8, 2006
IPextreme to Speak at FSA Semiconductor Forum

February 27, 2006
IPextreme to Accelerate Power Architecture Adoption by Making Valuable Member IP Widely Available

February 23, 2006
IPextreme CEO Warren Savage to Participate on IP Panel at Globalpress Electronics Summit 2006


December 20, 2005
IPextreme opens Tokyo Design Center under Kirk Saotome

November 9, 2005
Building Silicon Valley momentum, Richard Browne Hired as CFO, Pierre-Xavier Thomas as Design Center Director

October 17 , 2005
Freescale FlexRay Controller Core IP available through IPextreme

June 22, 2005
IPextreme Expands to new Silicon Valley Office in Campbell, CA

May 16, 2005
Alloy and SmartForest Invest in IPextreme


November 1, 2004
Trent Poltronetti joins IPextreme as VP Marketing

September 13, 2004
IPextreme delivers Bluetooth IP solution at half the power and cost

September 13, 2004
IPextreme Partners with Cambridge Consultant's Software for Complete Bluetooth Solution

June 1, 2004
IPextreme First to Apply Extreme Programming to IP Development for Quality, Reliability