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IP Products from IPextreme

IPextreme sells, delivers and supports high value silicon-proven intellectual property (IP) from major semiconductor companies. All our IP is fully packaged and easy-to-use. We currently offer the following IP titles but please contact us if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for as we may be working on it.

AMBA IP Library from National Semiconductor is a collection of AMBA 2.0 compliant subsystem building blocks providing both the AMBA bus fabric and a rich set of peripheral functions. It is the same library of AMBA platform peripherals proven in several high-volume National Semiconductor devices.

Bluetooth Baseband Solution. A complete and self-contained embedded solution that lowers overall Bluetooth power consumption by up to 50%.

Bluetooth Software Cambridge Consultant's Bluestack® and Interface Express® the industry’s most widely adopted Bluetooth software, including Upper Stack and Profiles.

C166S™ 16-bit Controller from Infineon is widely used with a straightforward programmers model, useful peripherals and fast context switching.

CR16 16-bit Processor from National Semiconductor is an advanced version of the 16-bit CompactRISC architecture, extending earlier CR16 family products by using the industry-standard AMBA™ AHB bus system, providing full 32-bit data memory space, and supporting Nexus 5001 compliant on-chip debug capabilities.

ColdFire® V1, V2, and V4 32-bit processor cores from Freescale have shipped in over a half-billion devices because of their excellent code density, performance, size and development ecosystem.

FlexRay Comm Controller from Freescale is a silicon proven FlexRay interface IP from the automotive semiconductor leader.

M8051W/M8051EW from Mentor Graphics is a high-performance version of the popular 8051 8-bit microcontroller. With 2 cycle/instruction performance, the M8051W/M8051EW provides 6X the performance of a standard 8051 processor. An optional ‘On-Chip Instrumentation’ (OCI) debug unit supports advanced debug operations (start/stop/ single-step, breakpoints, and trace) through an IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) interface. Used in well over 100 production designs, the M8051W/M8051EW is the industry standard synthesizable 8051 processor core.

MCDS Multi-Core Debug Solution from Infineon for real-time hardware debug and calibration. To meet stringent reliability requirements, MCDS adds logic analyzer and ICE-like access to signals buried deep in large SoCs.

MLI Multiprocessor Link Interface from Infineon, fast serial interface for inter-processor communications. It enables heterogeneous parallel processing through just a few pins.
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MPEG2 Video Decoder is a standard definition MPEG-2 video decoder IP core.

MSC MicroSecond Channel from Infineon. High-speed serial communication optimized to control power modules such as electric motors, fuel injectors and ignition coils, while adding little to the pin count and system cost. Register to download MSC specification

MultiCAN from Infineon is the premier, modern implementation of the widely used Controller Area Network. Well proven, certified, easy to integrate, configurable from 1-6 nodes with TTCAN and gateway modes.

Multiple Reference Clock Generator was developed and patented by Motorola to meet the needs of SoCs that require real-time generation and control of multiple clocks running at different frequencies.

Nexus 5001 Debug from Freescale is a standard software interface. Nexus is fast becoming a universal vehicle requirement.

Power Architecture™ e200 Family of Cores from Freescale.  The e200 synthesizable cores provide a range of features ideal for automotive, avionics, robotics, industrial control, medical devices, and compact networking applications.

Tricore™ 32-bit Controller from Infineon is the first MCU-DSP architecture that truly unifies the best of three worlds — real-time control, DSPs, and the price/performance of RISC.