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Intellectual Property

IPextreme sells, delivers and supports high value silicon-proven intellectual property (IP) from major semiconductor companies. All our IP is fully packaged and easy-to-use. We currently offer the following IP titles but please contact us if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for as we may be working on it. For more information about the program or to join please visit our IP Products page.


CoReUse™ is an enterprise class design reuse infrastructure from NXP Semiconductors that provides a proven framework for companies to develop and use semiconductor intellectual property. Developed and used at NXP over the last 10 years, CoReUse represents not only the industry’s leading example of IP reuse at work, but is a living and practical methodology that can adapt to changing technologies, standards, and EDA flows. For more information about the program or to join please visit our CoReUse page.


IPextreme offers services ranging from Commercialization of semiconductor IP, Consulting Services for IP, and Xena Quickstart for companies wishing to host their own implementations of Xena Enterprise.


IPextreme offers Xena, a platform for marketing, licensing, and supporting semiconductor IP. Also available is QCore, a tool used for checking compliance against the CoReUse standard.